Photo of three individuals at the One-Stop Resource Center.

One-Stop Resource Center

832 Folsom Street, 9th Floor • San Francisco, CA 94107

9:00am - 12:00pm / 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Monday through Friday

No appointments necessary… drop in anytime!

The One-Stop Resource Center is a central community space designed for both Seniors and People With Disabilities receiving In-Home Supportive Services. Stop by to have your IHSS-related questions answered, find a resource, learn more about the IHSS Public Authority Mentorship Program, or to unwind with complimentary tea/coffee and snacks.

Consumer Instructional
Video Trainings

Explore our collection of teaching videos designed to provide information, tips and support with regard for the Consumer / Provider experience.

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Resources at the One-Stop Center

Photo of a consumer and caregiver in preparation of a meal.

Trainings & Workshops

Read the description, access the schedule and sign up for IHSS related trainings and workshops.

Photo of the IHSS Consumer Handbook cover.

IHSS Consumer Handbook

This is an essential guide to navigating the In-Home Supportive Services Program.

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Resource Library

Access the online resource library to find what you need in a variety of categories.