Online Resource Library

Click any of the categories below or do a keyword search to find local resources in San Francisco County:

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Abuse Reporting

Resources on stopping or deterring abuse.

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Case Management

Services available to you as a consumer of IHSS.

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Lessons on art, technology, languages, exercises, more.

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Find clothing, medical supplies, and technology.

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Community Centers

List of social and community centers around you.

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Improve your finances, along with benefits and assistance.

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Food & Meals

Access resources for food banks and meal deliveries.

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Home Maintenance

List of resources for home repairs and maintenance.

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Legal Services

Connect with services to help legal concerns and more.

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Medical Clinics

Find medical or health clinics near you and stay healthy.

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Medical Equipment

Everything from pill boxes to motorized scooters.

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Mental Health

Service for improving your mental well-being.

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Social Engagement

Enjoy the companionship of a friendly visit.

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Substance Abuse

Seek empowerment to stop the cycle of substance abuse.

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Find resources to navigate the technology world.

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Learn of all the transportation options that are available.