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Description of the PPE Kit

  • Face Masks
  • Wipes
  • Gloves

* Choose glove size when you come to pick up your PPE.

Please Note

  • Limited quantities or sizes will be offered as supplies last.
  • Only individuals who are actively working as a Provider in San Francisco may order PPE from the Public Authority.
  • Providers may only order supplies once a month; repeat orders will be denied.

* Due to the National Stockpile of Personal Protection Equipments, some masks distributed by the State are near the expiration date or have gone beyond the manufacturer's shelf life and expired. However, according to the FDA, face masks can still be usable and protect against some communicable diseases beyond their expiration date as long as they are properly stored and not exposed to a harsh external environment.

General Information

Are you an IHSS Provider?

Your Provider ID number can be found on the IHSS paystub or on the e-timesheet portal.

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