Benefits to Becoming an IHSS Provider

Homecare Providers are dedicated, trusted professionals working to make a positive impact in the lives of our Consumers with compassion and personal care. By helping Consumers to stay engaged, Providers strengthen the San Francisco community.


Providers have the flexibility to set their own hours and work throughout San Francisco.

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Health Insurance

Providers who work 25 plus hours per month are eligible for very low-cost health and dental insurance.

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Free Skills Training

The Public Authority assists Providers with job placement and paid skills training to ensure they are prepared and have the support they need.

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Future Career

Being a homecare Provider can be a pathway to future employment opportunities in the healthcare field.

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“Because of [my IHSS Provider] I feel much more comfortable having people over, even for a brief hello. Before I had an IHSS worker I felt too self-conscious to have people over. I also feel more confidence when I meet people in the community, especially in the social justice organizations I belong to. I just feel more responsive and ready to act.” Donald

Steps to Become a Homecare Provider

The Public Authority Registry is a service that assists IHSS Consumers in finding qualified homecare Providers so they can remain safe and independent in their homes. We are always in search of Providers to join our Registry. It's the perfect place to start if you are looking for work in the homecare industry.

1 Start the Enrollment Process

Visit online or call 415-557-6200 for the Department of Aging and Adult Services (DAAS) to schedule.

2 Complete Enrollment Paperwork

Go to your appointment at the Independent Provider Enrollment Center (IPEC) at 77 Otis Street, San Francisco.

3 Complete Background Check

All Providers must complete a LiveScan Background Check. The Public Authority also offers Fingerprint Services for Providers.

4 Join the Provider Registry

Once cleared, to be matched with an IHSS Consumer actively looking for a Provider, complete the San Francisco IHSS Public Authority application.

5 Start Working with Your IHSS Consumer

Complete a SOC426 form with the IHSS Consumer. You can then begin work as an IHSS Provider.

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Back-Up Provider Services

The Back-Up Provider Services provide short-term, immediate services to IHSS consumers who are in urgent need of personal care and have been referred by IHSS social workers. Usually, these consumers are being discharged from the hospital or another facility without anyone at home to help them; their regular provider is not available; or they have not yet been able to hire a provider.

Requirements for Becoming a Back-Up Provider:

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Follow the steps for becoming a Homecare Provider and joining the Provider Registry.

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You must have up-to-date CPR/First Aid Certification and a current TB test clearance.

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Provide homecare work references.

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Be willing and able to: Work anywhere necessary in the City, provide all personal care necessary, commit to minimum 3-hour shifts, and commit to four (4) plus days per week.

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Interview with Back-Up Provider Services staff and complete the Back-Up Provider application.

Fingerprinting Services for Providers

In an effort to help Providers enroll in IHSS, the Public Authority and the City of San Francisco is offering a fee waiver program for Fingerprinting services to complete the mandatory Department of Justice (DOJ) background check.

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Fees Waived

For Independent Providers enrolling in San Francisco County IHSS Program.

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Documents Required

• Must complete orientation at IPAC

• Must work in San Francisco County

• Must present "BCIA 8016 Form"
(Request for LiveScan Service)

• Must bring valid government issue ID

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Appointment Required

Tuesdays & Wednesdays
10:00am – 3:00pm

Make Appointment

Apply Now!

Watch Video

Watch this video for easy to follow steps to become an IHSS Provider:

Download Job Application

Visit Our Job Opportunities page
and apply online:

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How You Can Become a Provider

If you are an eligible IHSS provider and are interested in applying to be registered in the Public Authority's registry, please view this informational video about the agency before applying.

Cómo puede ser un proveedor

Si usted es un proveedor elegible de IHSS y está interesado en inscribirse en el registro de la Autoridad Pública, vea este video informativo sobre la agencia antes de presentar la solicitud.



Если Вы являетесь работником по уходу

Программы IHSS и хотите зарегистрироваться в нашем агенстве IHSS Public Authority, пожалуйста, ознакомьтесь с этим информационным видеороликом перед тем, как подать заявление.

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