Consumers, Providers, and Mentorship


The Public Authority is always ready to assist individuals approved for IHSS services. Our Provider registry, Consumer training, and Mentorship services help Consumers establish and navigate their care every step of the way.… Learn More


Mentors are a valued part of the team, offering additional support and guidance to Consumers who are new to IHSS or request additional support in finding a Provider that works for them.… Learn More


Providers play a critical role in San Francisco’s workforce. The Public Authority assists with job placement and skills training to ensure all IHSS Providers are prepared for their work, and have the support they need.… Learn More

Photo background of four individuals from the San Francisco IHSS Public Authority (staff, consumer, and provider) at a resource fair. Photo background of a provider and a mentor walking through Alamo Park together. Photo background of a provider serving a meal to a consumer in her home.

What is IHSS?

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) helps seniors and people with disabilities safely remain in their own homes with support from a Provider who assists with personal care and routine household tasks. IHSS encourages independence and self-reliance where possible, and is a cost-effective alternative to institutional care.

  • 22,000

    IHSS Consumers
    in San Francisco

  • 41%

    Live Alone

  • 20,000

    IHSS Providers
    in San Francisco

  • 17%

    Providers Serve More
    Than One Consumer

Choice, Community, and Cost


Everyone should be able to choose how they receive personal care. IHSS empowers people to hire their provider, manage their schedule for care, and advocate for their own needs.

Photo of three people sitting together and discussing choices.


IHSS allows Consumers to "age in place," living in their own homes and communities – which has been proven to lead to better health and overall wellbeing.

Photo of three guys sitting together at the community bus stop.


The cost of providing IHSS care is significantly less than institutional care. The program saves the state and families money in overall healthcare costs and ensures Providers can earn a living.

Photo of a calculator and stethoscope, to represent the cost of healthcare.

The PA's Role in IHSS Continuum

The San Francisco IHSS Public Authority (Public Authority / PA) connects low income seniors and people with disabilities to qualified IHSS providers, so they may live healthier, happier and safer lives at home and engaged in the community.

The San Francisco IHSS Public Authority provides seven major services:

  1. Registry
  2. On-Call Program
  3. Employer-of-Record for the IP Workforce
  4. Health & Dental Insurance for IP Workforce
  5. Education, Outreach, and Advocacy
  6. Mentorship Program
  7. Criminal Background Checks for the IP Workforce
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Thriving in Place

The Mission of Thriving in Place is to strengthen, sustain and advocate for the work of the San Francisco In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority, ensuring low-income older adults and people with disabilities are able to remain and thrive at home and in their communities.

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