What Is Mentorship

Our Mentorship program helps more Consumers live independently and supports sustained wellbeing and full participation in the community. The IHSS system can sometimes be overwhelming, and, if you've never hired anyone before, you may want assistance hiring a personal care Provider.

In the Mentorship program, we match Consumers with Mentors. Mentors help Consumers navigate the IHSS system, prepare to interview and hire a Provider, identify Independent Living Skills goals and support Consumers in communicating and working with their Providers for the first six months to ensure a successful IHSS experience.

Our Mentors have had direct experience either as a Consumer or within the IHSS system, so they have shared experiences with current Consumers. The Mentorship program has increased the number of Consumers who are able to continue to live independently, remaining and thriving in their own homes.

“When I became disabled I never thought I'd have another job,
but being a Mentor has been one of the best things I've ever done.
I really feel like I belong and can make a difference.” Kim M.

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