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HOME CARE PROVIDERS NEEDED Job #0-50 • Posted on March 12, 2024

Location: SOMAView Map

Preferred Schedule: You choose your work schedule
Hours per Week: More than 40 hours

Primary Language:
Tasks Required: Domestic & Personal Care Tasks

Description: Are you interested in becoming a home care provider (caregiver), or are you already an IHSS provider looking for more clients? The Public Authority assists more than 200 IHSS Consumers every month looking to hire a home care provider. You may submit this request or go to the Provider section and click on Become a Homecare Provider for details and a step-by-step to enroll with the SF IHSS Public Authority Registry of Providers. You will be connected with many Consumers who match your available work schedule and other preferences.


* If known, can be found on your IHSS paystub.

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