The Specialized Trainings for PA On-Call Providers Posted on March 29, 2017

The Public Authority, in collaboration with Homebridge, is now offering PA On-Call providers a series of specialized trainings designed to continue their home-care education, improve their skill sets and help them better assist their IHSS consumers.

On-Call providers have already taken a 48-hour training on home-care basics, joined the PA Registry, and proven themselves reliable and dedicated workers when they sign up for these more focused trainings. They now want to learn even more about the many areas of their work.

So far, On-Call providers have been trained in "Identifying and Managing Bed Bugs” and “Safely Moving a Consumer.” Upcoming classes include “Body Mechanics,” “Understanding Mental Illness” and “Nutrition and the Consumer”—and more trainings are being planned. (In June, there will be an On-Call Skills Assessment for all active On-Call providers.)

These specialized trainings represent yet one more way to create and develop a highly skilled workforce able to respond quickly and effectively in an emergency and assist IHSS consumers. Our providers will then be both more useful to consumers and capable of handling a variety of situations. The Public Authority is now recruiting more On-Call workers. If you’re interested, please call On-Call Program Coordinator Irina Selskaya at 415-593-8123. For more information on the trainings, please call 415-255-2079. Until next time...

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