Black Lives Matter Posted on June 4, 2020

Dear Consumers, Providers, Community Partners, Family and Friends:

The San Francisco Public Authority, stands in solidarity with those seeking racial justice, dignity and equality. We boldly and proudly support those who are speaking out against police brutality. We condemn the senseless killing of George Floyd, all of those who came before him, and all acts of police brutality against black communities. Black Lives Matter.

Like all Public Authorities around California, our mission was built on the premise that all people, regardless of age, ability, race or socio-economic status can live and thrive in their communities safely, with dignity and without fear. In San Francisco, over 60% of the older adults and persons with disabilities who receive IHSS services are people of color. This community is often marginalized. We vow to seize each opportunity to lift up the voices of those we serve. To remind the rest of the city that our community is here, not in the shadows, and deserves to be treated with respect. We will continue to support them so they may live and thrive with dignity in their communities. 

We recognize that systemic change is needed in this country to combat racism. We may not all be able to march in the streets and peacefully protest, but we can all participate in changing this system that does not value people of color, particularly black people. Here are some ways that you can answer the call to action:

•    Advocate: If you are able to attend a civil protest in your area, make your voice heard with the thousands of others marching across the country. 

•    Donate: If you are able to donate money, there are many funds and organizations that could use support. Even if you think the amount is not much to make a difference, it matters. Find a cause that aligns with your mission and give: Donation Resources

•    Volunteer: There are lots of ways to participate in the movement aside from marching in the streets. A great list of ideas can be found here: Volunteer Resources

•    Educate: Learn more about racism in this country and how you can be a better advocate, ally, and changemaker: Education Resources  or More Resources

•    Communicate: Check in with each other, check in with your friends and family, have the hard conversations and the comforting ones. Be part of the dialogue. Don’t be silent.

As an organization, the San Francisco Public Authority values diversity. We are committed to bettering the lives of those we serve. We encourage you to check in with those around you. Remember to be gentle with one another. Be safe. Be smart. Be kind. 


Kelly Dearman, Executive Director
Shakema Straker, Executive Assistant
And the San Francisco Public Authority Staff

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