Public Authority Partners with Kaiser Permanente Posted on August 14, 2017

Logo of Kaiser Permanente.Through the Public Authority’s partner nonprofit, Thriving in Place, the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Grants Program awarded $15,000 to the Public Authority’s IP+ Mentorship Program to help expand services provided to Consumers.

With the goal to connect more Consumers to social non-medical resources, improving quality of life and community involvement, the Public Authority works to motivate and support Consumers to achieve goals they choose by connecting to services and resources in their community.

Whether accessing services providing food and nutrition, understanding and utilizing public transportation services, or joining a community group or resource center, Consumers have the option to think beyond their IHSS needs, and set goals to improve their independent living status and social health and engage more fully in their own communities.

The Public Authority is honored to be awarded this opportunity to expand its reach and serve Seniors and People with Disabilities in San Francisco more fully.

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