More Options for Consumers! Posted on April 30, 2017

The PA, Department of Aging & Adult Services (DAAS) and Homebridge have been working together to create the new Continuum of Choice and Support to ensure that multiple options within the IHSS system are available to support their consumer care needs.

Previously, IHSS was defined by just two modes – IP and Contract Mode. The IP Mode (PA) was designed for those consumers who wish to hire their own provider and generally direct their own home care. The Contract Mode was designed for those consumers who cannot independently direct their IHSS services, and services are instead provided as needed or required.

The IP Plus Mentorship Program enables a consumer to independently choose and supervise their provider with additional support from a Public Authority Mentor. Consumers using IP Plus can utilize a mentor through the PA who will assist them with pre-screening and setting up interviews, help in the process of hiring their first provider, coordinate schedules and appointments, provide support or guidance when problems arise, and ensure they understand all aspects of their authorized hours and responsibilities.

The goal is to create a continuum of choice within the IHSS program, so that consumers can find the mode that best serves their needs and hopefully enjoy a long and satisfying relationship with a provider. It’s simply one more way to make the IHSS experience a complete package that best suits a consumer’s individual situation and how they want to manage their care. For more information on IP Plus, please call the PA’s main line: (415) 243-4477.

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