Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit Grant Update Posted on March 4, 2018

In August 2017, the Public Authority was awarded a grant through the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Community Benefit Grants Program. This award, dedicated to the Public Authority’s IP+ Mentorship Program, helps to expand program services by motivating our Consumers to look beyond the benefits of tasks performed by their Independent Providers and set goals to become more involved in their communities through valued social programs and activities.

This can take many forms including attending a cooking class, learning to navigate the City’s transportation system, signing up for a class at their local Senior Center, and beyond. We have learned that many Consumers may have a desire to get involved outside of their homes, however, their immediate needs of homecare, food, and doctors’ appointments take precedent. Working one-on-one with a mentor, Consumers can determine the best resources available to meet their needs.

For example, a Consumer with a visual impairment had a goal to find mental health support services that were both close and accessible. The Mentorship team researched community resources specializing in mental health services, and referred and encouraged the Consumer to get involved. He was able to connect to their intake team and is now receiving the services he was searching for.

With help from our Kaiser grant, our biggest success has been our ability to expand services the IP+ program offers our Consumers. By encouraging Consumers to consider their non-medical social needs, to enhance their already full lives, we have witnessed further personal growth in our Consumers.

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