Haydee Hernandez grew up in El Salvador but has been a San Francisco resident for over 30 years. She lives in the Mission District and has a daughter and two grandchildren. Haydee has worked for the Public Authority as an independent provider (IP) since 2003. She has worked for both On-Call and the Registry, although currently (September 2012), she only assists consumers through the Registry.

PA Support Services Counselor Claudia Grubler praises Haydee: "She is a remarkable home care provider. She is compassionate, trustworthy, and follows directions very well. She also has a jovial personality. She is responsible, energetic and very dedicated, always looking out for the consumer's well-being." Former counselor Laura Molina seconds that praise: "Haydee is reliable, professional and consumer-oriented. She is gifted. She takes pride in her job and will go the extra mile to assist a client when necessary."

One of Haydee's long-term regular consumers had multiple sclerosis (MS) and was bed-bound. "She told me, 'You are the only one who talks to me.'" Haydee says, "I helped her at night time. I visited her at 8 and stayed 2 to 3 hours. Three nights a week. Even when she was at the hospice for a month, when she wasn't my client, I went to visit her. When I returned from vacation, she called me and said, 'You have to come back.'"

Haydee, who is bright-eyed and seemingly never in a bad mood, says that she became a home care provider because "I saw the necessity of working with older people. When I go and see them, I like to help them. They need help." She also admits that "I get attached to them. What I like to do is talk to the people. People who are often alone. So I try to be friendly to them. I go and do what I have to do to help them and give them the support they need."