The Public Authority staff does their best for everyone who calls. But there are things we can't do--except refer you to another phone number.

Timesheets and Pay: We have no role in IHSS independent provider (IP) home care worker payment and cannot answer questions about timesheets, W-2's or late paychecks. Instead, call the IHSS Provider Help Desk at (415) 557-6200 and have the IP's Social Security number available. Make a language choice, then press 1 for IHSS payments.

Enrolling as an IHSS IP: People can work as an IP without being on our Registry. To begin that process, call (415) 557-6200 for more information and/or to make an appointment to attend orientation at the Enrollment Center (77 Otis Street). Make a language choice, then press 2.

PLEASE NOTE: Becoming an IHSS IP does not automatically lead to a listing on our Registry, which requires a separate application process. For more information on applying to our Registry, please call (415) 243-4477 and ask to speak to a Support Services Counselor.

IHSS Social Workers: The Public Authority does not have social worker positions. The Department of Aging & Adult Services (DAAS) employs IHSS social workers. To find a specific social worker, call (415) 355-6700. After making a language choice, press 3 for the IHSS program. Then press 2 to find out the assigned social worker.

Consumer Eligibility: DAAS social workers determine whether a person is eligible for IHSS, not the Public Authority. To begin that process, call (415) 355-6700. Make a language choice, then press 3 for the IHSS program. Press 3 again to file an application.

Employment Verification: Call (415) 557-6200 and have the provider's Social Security number available. Make a language choice, then press 3. The Employment Verification fax number is (415) 557-5813.

On Call: If you're in need of an emergency On-Call provider, please call your DAAS IHSS social worker, not the Public Authority. The Public Authority must first receive authorization (a referral) from a DAAS IHSS social worker before it can assign an On-Call provider.

Workers' Compensation Issues: DAAS also handles Workers' Compensation claims. If you are injured while working for an IHSS consumer, call that consumer's IHSS social worker for claim forms to start the process.

Provider Trainings: For independent provider (IP) trainings, please call Homebridge Training at (415) 255-2079.

Union Matters: For questions regarding union dues, meetings, representatives or rallies, call SEIU Local 2015 at either (415) 740-9393 or (855) 810-2015.

Direct Deposit: 1-866-376-7066.