Q: Do I apply for IHSS by calling the Public Authority?

A: No. DAAS social workers determine whether a person is eligible for IHSS (not the Public Authority). Only people who have very low incomes and savings are eligible for IHSS. To begin that process, call (415) 355-6700. After making a language choice, press 3 for the IHSS program. Then press 3 again to learn how to file an application. If you are eligible, DAAS will send a social worker to your house to assess how many hours of home care you can receive through IHSS.

Call the Public Authority when you:

  • Have enrolled in IHSS and need help finding a worker.
  • Are interested in applying to be on our IP home care worker registry.
  •  Have general questions about IHSS services.
  • Have questions about your health/dental benefits. (Ask to speak to our Benefits Coordinator.)

Q: Do I have to be on the Public Authority's Central Registry to become an IHSS home care worker?

A: No. People who have passed state requirements to be an IHSS worker can work as an IHSS home care worker or independent provider (IP) without being on the Public Authority Registry. To begin that process, go to the Enrollment Center at 77 Otis Street. The orientations are in the afternoon (Monday-Friday), starting at 12:40 p.m. Call (415) 557-6200 for more information. Make a language choice, then press 1. Or to enroll online as an IHSS IP, please visit the following website: www.ihss.sfipenroll.org.

PLEASE NOTE: There are additional steps to be listed on our Registry that require a separate application process. For more information on applying to our Registry, call (415) 243-4477 and ask to speak to a Support Services Counselor.

Q: Does the Public Authority conduct background checks of the people on its Registry?

A: Starting in 2010, under a state mandate, all regular IP's must be fingerprinted and successfully complete a criminal background check at their own expense. This is part of the enrollment process through the Department of Aging & Adult Services (DAAS).