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A message from Kelly

E.D. Kelly Dearman talks about the PA's upcoming 20th anniversary and associated events. 

Open Application for IHSS Providers (English Speaking)

Dates: August 18, 19, 20 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Times: 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. & 2 to 4 p.m.

location: SF Ihss public authority

832 folsom street, 9th floor (salvation Army Building, between 4th & 5th)

san Francisco, ca 94107

Please call the Public Authority at 415-243-4477 for further information and requirements.

Assisting low-income older adults and people with disabilities in San Francisco to stay in their homes and communities.


Restoration of 7% IN IHSS Service HourS!

IHSS consumers & providers: On June 19th, the California State Legislature passed, as expected, a revised budget bill. The bad news is that nearly all the spending increases approved by the Democrats in their version of the bill were eliminated. The good news, at least for IHSS consumers and providers, is that the restoration of 7% in IHSS service hours survived the elimination process and will take effect July 1st (and be good for at least one year). The 7% across-the board cut for IHSS recipients was part of a lawsuit settlement in March 2013 that stopped a much more severe cut.


Kelly Dearman,
Executive Director

April 2015

Kelly Dearman

Kelly Dearman

"It's been just a year since I've come aboard the Public Authority, and it's been a great time. A huge thank you is due the mentors who worked so hard to train IHSS consumers on the new Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) rules. Even though those rules are not being implemented, the mentors are now diligently developing training modules for our consumer One-Stop Center opening in the summer! More details as we get closer to the date." - Kelly Dearman

PA's 2oth Anniversary Party: A good Time Was Had By All!

From left to right: Maria A. Olivares, Joanne Holland, Tony Nicco, Marie Jobling, Patrick Hoctel, Traci Dobronravova and Donna Calame.

From left to right: Maria A. Olivares, Joanne Holland, Tony Nicco, Marie Jobling, Patrick Hoctel, Traci Dobronravova and Donna Calame.

Staff, mentors, On-Call workers, Board members, friends and colleagues turned out on Thursday, May 28th, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the PA's creation by the SF Board of Supervisors in May 1995. Many people who helped found the PA were in attendance and reminisced about their efforts to make the agency a reality. Former E.D. Donna Calame spoke about the agency's beginnings and its development, and current E.D. Kelly Dearman discussed new directions for the PA. All in all, the party was a chance for people to take a moment to honor the efforts that have made the agency what it is today and to look down the road a bit to what appears to be a most promising future.